How to use care package insight in Apex Legends

Know what’s in those boxes before anyone else.

Image via Respawn

With Season 16: Revelry, Apex Legends has added new class abilities for each group of playable characters. This is to make sure you put more thought into your Legend selection at the start of each game. The Skirmisher group has what is called Care Package Insight, but not much is explained about it in-game. Here is how to use Care Package in Apex Legends and what you need to know.

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How does Care Package Insight work in Apex Legends?

As mentioned, only Skirmishers have the Care Package Insight ability in Apex Legends. When playing as this class, you can tell what items are in a care package as it is falling to the ground and while it is sitting there. With this tool, you can also tell when an enemy has gotten to it. This is all to give you enough information to let you decide if you want to go fight for it or leave it alone.

To get Care Package Insight to work, you just need to stare at the box either when it’s falling or landed. You have to have direct line of sight to it for this to work. After you stare at it for a few seconds, you will be told the most valuable item in there and can ping it for your teammates to let them know where you are going and what for. If the symbol turns gray for you, that means someone has already grabbed the item.

With how quick Skirmishers are, you may want to consider setting up escape routes when you go for a care package. Give your team the mobility to get out of sticky situations while still holding on to the valuable items you can get in the care package.