How to find all keys and Dream Orbs on A Cut Above The Rest in Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Your new gadget will help immensely.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure, A Cut Above The Rest Whirltool

In The Colossal Canopy world, one of the more significant levels that you will encounter is called A Cut Above The Rest. It’s notable because you will unlock the whirltool here, a boomerang-like weapon that you can fling from a distance to attack enemies and cut down obstacles. It’s a very handy tool and can be flung using R1 to also collect stray orbs.

However, the level itself is full of razor trees that need cutting down, as well as boxing monsters, spinning devils, and a bullet bill style cannon that will cut both Sackboy and obstacles down. It asks you to collect five keys and three Dream Orbs, though it’s easy to miss some of them if you’re not thorough.

Here are the locations of all keys and dream orbs on A Cut Above The Rest in Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Key 1

Sackboy: A Big Adventure A Cut Above The Rest Key 1

The first key is easy to find. After obtaining the whirltool, head forward and cut down the razor trees. You can head to the left and right sides next to the ramp here for large bells to collect on the platforms, but otherwise head forward and defeat the monsters. Cut down the razor trees and run through before they spring back-up. The first key is on the pedestal.

Orb 1

Sackboy: A Big Adventure A Cut Above The Rest Orb 1

After picking up the first key, platforms on both sides should raise up. Head left through the razor trees. Either avoid the exploding bees or use your whirltool to destroy the nest, which can be done quickly by throwing the tool while jumping to cut their wire.

A few more monsters and a whirling devil will be there to greet you. Head north and you will see a ramp held up by trees. Cut them down to bring the ramp down, and then cut the trees directly to the right down too. You may need to jump to reach them while the ramp is angled.

Be careful here as a large crate will fall down and can squash you if you’re not careful. Once you have a ramp upward past the box, head upwards and you should see the orb at the end of the runway. Be careful of the exploding bees nest that will appear behind you.

Key 2

Sackboy: A Big Adventure A Cut Above The Rest Key 2

The box that fell down and almost crushed you wasn’t just the game’s attempt at an avalanche. It’s actually required for getting to the platform on the left. Jump up on it and fling your whirltool to make a path through the razor trees. You should then see and access the key. Be careful as grabbing this key will open up the shutters to a group of enemies ready to charge at you.

Key 3

Sackboy: A Big Adventure A Cut Above The Rest Key 3

Drop down to the left from the previous key and wait for the missile to take out the trees ahead. Roll across to the platform to avoid taking damage from the respawning trees and you’ll see the key waiting on the platform under the head of the giant snake. This is all of the keys and orbs from the left side, though there are some costume parts available to collect if you want to find everything the level has to offer.

Key 4

Sackboy: A Big Adventure A Cut Above The Rest Key 4

Head back to the middle platform you were on where the first key was, and head to the right. You will encounter more monsters here, but once you’ve dispatched them, head up where a ramp is held up by trees. Cut them down and make your way up it, picking up the orbs. Head back and left through the razor trees and you should see the key under the giant yeti taking a selfie.

Key 5

Sackboy: A Big Adventure A Cut Above The Rest Key 5

Head back across to the ramp that you used to reach the last key, and you will be on a platform with more boxing monsters, and an item balloon in the top corner. The platform above the balloon is where the final key is, but you need to go right to get to it. You’ll see a row of razor trees with platforms on them, and a missile cannon shooting through them. While the trees are down, jump on the platform and wait for them to regrow. Fling the whirltool at the trees on the wooden box and jump across it. Take out the final two enemies to grab the last key.

Orb 2

Sackboy: A Big Adventure A Cut Above The Rest Orb 2

Head back to the platforms with the missile cannon and use it as a bridge to run across. Jump up at the end of it to find a secret room door. In here, you will see a wooden bridge with a currently inaccessible orb in the distance above a set of bathroom stalls. 

Throw your whirltool at the mechanism on the left wall to activate the moving bridges and follow it to the left. It will eventually lead to a path up to the orb, though you will need to be fast as the moving bridge retracts quickly and could cause you to lose a life if you fall. Jumping and rolling will give you forward momentum and can assist you if you’re running out of space.

Orb 3

Sackboy: A Big Adventure A Cut Above The Rest Orb 3

Exit the secret hut and jump down from the platform bridge, and on to the box below that’s held up by trees. There is a gap here but you will need to cut down the trees holding the box up to see it. Once cut, you should see the orb but you’ll need to be fast in jumping on the box and through the gap to grab it before the trees regrow. 

After grabbing this last orb, you will have all of the main items on this level. Head back to the middle section with the giant door at the top and the keys should automatically unlock it. Through here, you will have one final razor tree maze to navigate your way through before you reach the end of the level.

There are four collectible items found throughout the level to help customize your Sackboy, while 6000 orbs are required to hit the golden trophy mark. This is quite a tight target that is difficult to get without grabbing all the orbs and avoiding losing a life. If you do lose a life and want to ensure you get the gold trophy, then you will almost certainly need to replay the level.