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How to find all Collection Chests in Feldcroft in Hogwarts Legacy

It's not spelled "Fieldcroft", by the way.

In Hogwarts Legacy, Feldcroft is the “capital” of the Feldcroft Region, a C-shaped area that curves around a mountain west of Hogwarts Valley. Feldcroft is home to four Collection Chests, two Field Guide Pages, and one Demiguise Statue. The village doesn’t have many distinguishing landmarks (just a well in its center), but goblin-infested Rookwood Castle is nearby.

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Collection Chests contain cosmetic collectible items that give you more options when customizing the appearance of your character and of your Room of Requirement. There are other ways to get new cosmetic items for your collection, but Collection Chests are the most numerous. You’ll also want to find them all if you’re a completist and absolutely must get every collectible in the game. They show up on the map and mini-map when you get close enough to them, but sometimes they’re well hidden, and actually reaching them can require a bit of magic and/or puzzle-solving.

All Feldcroft Collection Chest locations in Hogwarts Legacy

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One Collection Chest is inside a tiny house northwest of the Feldcroft Floo Flame. The house is secured by a Level I lock, so you’ll need to use Alohomora to unlock the door before you burgle the house.

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There is a Collection Chest upstairs in the large house southeast of the Feldcroft Floo Flame. This house is secured by a Level II lock, so you’ll have to upgrade Alohomora by finding Demiguise statue moons before you can get inside.

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Another Collection Chest can be found next to the wood pile outside that same large house on the south side. No magical lockpicking is required for this one.

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There’s one more Collection chest in the house behind Bernard Ndiaye’s stall (where Mr. Ndiaye sells a fine selection of furs and feathers). Fortunately, this house is not locked, so you can trespass and steal without breaking in.

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