All Terrarium Seed Locations in Jedi: Fallen Order


While Cal is out exploring the galaxy in Jedi: Fallen Order, he can come across unique plants and acquire their seeds with the help of BD-1. You’ll find several of them in your travels, but some are off the beaten path. Here is where you get all of the seeds.



Kalpi Seed Location

You can find the Kalpi seed early on in your journey on Bogano, in the Subterranean Refuge section. When you arrive at this area, jump to the bottom of the floor and kill the Bog Rats roaming around. Make sure you’re on the bottom of the area and go to the small enclave on the right side. BD-1 should run-up to it and scan the first seed.


Featherfern Seed Location

On the first planet, Bogano, you can find the featherfern in the Fractured Plain, but you will need to have double-jump unlocked to reach it. It’s going to be alongside the Bogdo Sinkholes. All you need to do is jump over to it from the Sinkholes, and you should be good to go. BD-1 is going to run up to the purple-like plant and scan it for you.



Gillypod Seed Location

To find the Gillypod seed, you need to go to the Windswept Ruins. You can get it right before you enter the Tomb of Eliram. When you’re at the ruins, you’re going to find it at the highest most column, in the middle of the large area right before you enter the Tomb. You’ll know you’ve found it by the small red flower in the middle of the pillar, in a small mound of dirt.

Royal Fluzz

The Royal Fluzz Plant Seed Location

To find the Royal Fluzz, you need to progress to the Weather Monument area, where there are two ranged and two melee stormtroopers. Take them out, and then run on a wall to the nearest meditation point. To the left of the meditation point, there’s a heavy gunner stormtrooper you need to deal with. After that, proceed forward, and you’ll find another heavy gunner waiting for you, standing in front of three pipes you need to jump across. Go ahead a little way, and on the left, you should see a chest you need BD-1 to slice. The seed is right next to it.


Dreamwort Seed Location

You’re going to find this seed near the Crash Site of the Venator on Zeffo. It’s going to be to the right of the Jotaz wandering around the small circle. You might get into combat with some of the Scazz, which prevents BD-1 from scanning it. Kill the Scazz first, and then you can grab the plant.



Bonshyyyr Seed Location

When you’re on Kashyyyk, in the Imperial Refinery, you can find the Bonshyyyr seed. You’re going to find the seeds in the area where Imperial troops are fighting the giant spiders. They’ll fight it out, and when they finish, you can find the seeds right next to the open crate in the middle of the area.

Milk Grass

Milk Grass Seed Location

When you’re visiting Kashyyyk for the second time, you can find the Milk Grass seed in the Gloomroot Hollow location. It’s going to be on the left after you watch the stormtrooper get eaten by the Venus fly trap plants. Go to the left, jumping over the Venus fly trap, and go to the elevated area. You might get chased by the reddish plants, but you can quickly avoid them. The Milk Grass plant is the large one with multiple leaves.


Mushbloom Seed Location

On Kashyyyk, you’ll get closer to the Origin Tree, the sacred tree for the Wookiees. You can find the Mushbloom seed in the Origin Tree area of the game, and it’s going to be surrounded by several dangerous creatures. After you fight three of the giant spiders, it’s underneath a lung plant.


Bleeding Gut

Bleeding Gut Seed Location

You’ll find the first plant seed on Dathomir in the Swamp of Sacrifice. It’s next to the rope you jump down. There’s a save point nearby, overlooking the large area with plenty of killer spiders. Take care of the spiders, and then look for the red plant. BD-1 should point it out.


Mushling Seed Location

At the bottom of Dathomir, you explore the Swamp of Sacrifice. You’re going to find this seed closer to the back after you fight a horde of undead Nightsister witches that spawn from the eggs of a tree. Kill them, and then go to the left of the tree. BD-1 should run over and start scanning the plant.

When you get all of the seeds listed above, you will not get the achievement immediately. You need to wait a little bit for them to grow. Do some missions or handle some other collectibles, and come back to check on their progress.