How to find all the clues for The Oil in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Another member down.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Image via Ubisoft

Among the many members of the Order of the Ancients that Eivor will take out in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is The Oil. This member, a part of the Wardens of Faith branch, requires you to find three clues in order to learn their identity and kill them. The clues are a little tricky, especially the first one. If you’re looking to help out the Hidden Ones, then we have all the clues and where to find them right here for you.

Finding the first clue

Image captured in-game.

In order to get the first clue, there are seemingly a couple of things that you can do. Many players say that killing the zealot, Hrothgar, will give you the clue, however, we were able to find it by killing The Adze.

If you are going to go after Hrothgar, you can find him in the Suthsexe region. His power level is 280, so be ready for a tough fight.

Finding the second clue

The first clue will tell you to investigate a festival that is happening in Hamtunscire, which is to the west of where you can find Hrothgar. The exact location of the festival is just east of Henge Farm.

The clue is right next to the Drinking Champion at the festival, on a table with a knife stabbed through it. It’s right where everyone is gathered and is pretty difficult to miss.

Finding the third clue

The festival clue will tell you to search the pig farm at Readingum Abbey, which is also in Hamtunscire. Head northwest from the festival to find the abbey.

Image captured in-game.

The pig farm is located on the western edge of the abbey. There, you will see a well that is blocked off with wood, next to a tree. This is where you need to be.

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Simply break the wood with your weapon, climb down into the well, and find the final clue on a bench down there.

With all three clues in your possession, you will uncover The Oil as Preost Yohanes, who can be found at Fearnhamme in Hamtunscire.