How to find all the clues for The Sickle in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Take them out.

The Sickle is another member of the sinister Order of the Ancients that Eivor can hunt down in her journey through Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Like many others, to identify The Sickle and find out where they are, you will have to uncover two clues.

Finding the first clue

The first clue can be found through a couple different ways:

  1. We found the first clue after we killed Yohanes Loukas, also known as The Oil.
  2. You can kill Woden, the Zealot.

Killing Woden

If you want to kill Woden to start the quest, you can find him in the southwest area of the Cent region. His power level is 220, so you need to be ready for a fight.

Once you have taken him down, confirm the kill to get the first clue.

Finding the second clue

Image captured in-game.

The second clue is located along the eastern coast of Essexe, in the Maledun Saltern Camp.

Here, you will find a barn along the cliffs. The doors are barred, but on the northern side is a window that you can shoot through to destroy the bar and unlock the door.

Image captured in-game.

Head inside and climb up the ladder to find the last clue sitting on a table.

With both clues, The Sickle’s identity will be revealed as Heika of Friesland, found in the Colcestre market in Essexe.