How to find all three Palette Prime pumpkin heads in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Seek that pumpkin spice.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope’s third planet is Palette Prime, a world composed of a deep forest and a cheery little town. On the eastern side of town is a pumpkin-loving Rabbid who’s lost the heads to his scarecrows. Helping the farmer out doesn’t count as a full side quest, but that can make it easier to miss. Finding all three pumpkin heads and returning them to the headless scarecrows gets you another precious Planet Coin, so it’s totally worth doing.

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Pumpkin #1

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll have to use your newly unlocked scanner power for this one. At the ledge marked above is an invisible bridge. Reveal it by scanning, then cross over to find an isolated pumpkin on a small platform. Any head can be paired with any scarecrow, so take this to whichever one you want. Their standing spots are easy to find — they’re the brown areas dotted with pumpkins on the map.

Pumpkin #2

Screenshot by Gamepur

The second pumpkin is just sitting behind the farmer’s house, easy as that. While you’re here, you can also push the wooden crate over the nearby edge onto a switch, opening the way to a chest containing one of the game’s many memories. After that, you can carry the pumpkin head to whichever scarecrow you want to visit next.

Pumpkin #3

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final pumpkin is found inside a tree sitting right beside the northwestern scarecrow spot — you’ll know it’s the right one when you see it twinkling. Shake it to knock the pumpkin loose, then take it to whichever scarecrow still needs a head. Once all three are rebuilt, one of those special whirling chests will appear next to the farmer’s house. Open it to complete the quest and collect your prize, another shiny Planet Coin.