How to find and confront Lady Aethelswith in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

A tricky find.

During the Walls of Templebrough mission in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla players have to locate and confront Lady Aethelswith. This is quite a tricky mission since she is guarded in Templebrough and it is difficult to locate the entrance to the fort. Here is how to find Lady Aethelswith in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

After reaching the fortress, start off by clearing the guards in the perimeter of the fortress. Once that’s done, you need to reach the top of the tower. You will see an entrance between two red flags, and stairs leading up to the entrance. The best way of locating it by using Odin sight and finding the Book of Knowledge nearby, which is actually in the room the entrance leads up to.

Climb up the stairs and you will see a few guards in the room. You can shoot the chandelier on the ceiling to kill the guards. Grab the Book of Knowledge to gain an ability, and then you need to proceed towards the left corner of the room. It is very hard to spot it since it is quite dark, but there is a staircase leading down to that place.

Keep heading down the staircase and you will see a door, open it and Lady Aethelswith will be right in front of you. However, she will run away with one of her guards. You need to chase her down. She will escape in a boat so you need to plan your chase accordingly. If your mount has the swimming ability, simply follow her and she will dock her boat near an island where you can corner her.

If your mount doesn’t have the swimming ability, you can just use the boat near the shore. Simply use it to reach the other island where she escapes to. Take out the guards and then tie her up. You then need to carry her and place her on the boat. Bring back the boat to the place where Sigurd and the rest of the men are standing to complete the mission.