How to find and defeat a Void Angel in Warframe

No Angels allowed in the Zariman.

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Void Angels are the new enemy threat concocted by developer Digital Extremes in the Angels of Zariman update. These are fierce enemies that require a powerful Warframe and Operator to defeat. This guide will run down the basics for finding and fighting these deadly adversaries.

Finding the Guardian Angels

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To start hunting down this rare commodity, you must begin and complete the Angels of Zariman story quest. To access this quest, you must first complete the New War questline. Once you have done so, head to the codex located in your Orbiter ship and select it from the mission list. Once this quest is complete, the best way to encounter a Void Angel is to choose and play the Void Armageddon mission type. This mission will guarantee a Void Angel spawn every run.

Beating an Angel

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Void Angels is a formidable enemy that requires regular weapons and Operator damage to defeat. Void Angels have two stages to the battle.

For the first stage, Void Angels can take damage from any damage type in the game. Use your most potent weapons, preferably weapons with Corrosion damage. This damage type is effective at damaging their armor quickly. The second phase will begin once you take an Angel down a notch.

Phase Two

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When the Void Angel takes a knee, you must jump into the glowing orb on their back to warp into the Void. Once inside the Void, you will only fight in Operator mode. You will have a limited amount of time to damage the Void Angel as much as possible. When the shield breaks, orbs will begin circling the Angel.

You must Void jump through the orbs to destroy them. When the spheres are destroyed, you can begin damaging the Angel again.

Rinse and repeat until the Void Angel is defeated and pick up the Voidplume item that drops near the corpse. Head to the level exit, which will complete your Void Angel hunt.