How to find and defeat Beta Mouse Ben in Tower of Fantasy

This Hyena soldier is really strong.

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Tower of Fantasy has a vast collection of achievements, and getting them all can be challenging, especially when you have to kill certain types of enemies. One such challenging enemy is Beta Mouse Ben. Defeating Beta Mouse Ben is easy, but finding his location is the real challenge. This Tower of Fantasy guide will tell you how to find and defeat Beta Mouse Ben.

Tower of Fantasy: Beta Mouse Ben location

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You can find Beta Mouse Ben on the road between Banges’ shores and Banges Omnium Tower. He is roaming around on the road; walk back and forth a few times, and you will find him. To get to his location, you must travel to Banges and head to Space Rift: Signal Station Ruins. From the Spacerift, you can walk to the road. Beta Mouse Ben is a huge robot that a Hyena soldier is driving. With his unique appearance, it’s hard to miss him. Once you find him, you will need to fight him.

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How to defeat Beta Mouse Ben

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Beta Mouse Ben is one of the most powerful common enemies in Tower of Fantasy. You will need to be careful and avoid his attacks, as just one hit can take a lot from your health. That said, all of his attacks are slow and easy to read, meaning you can easily avoid them. Additionally, you can try to get a perfect dodge to get the slow motion to do more damage to him.

Beta Mouse Ben is also weak against frost-type weapons, and you can take those to deal even more damage. But be careful with grievous-type weapons, as he is resistant to those. Once you defeat Beta Mouse Ben, a pop-up will say that you have the achievement for defeating him. You can claim the rewards for the achievement by going to the Terminal in the pause menu.