How to find and defeat Inquisitor Crius in Tower of Fantasy

Here is how to get the Crius achievement.

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Tower of Fantasy has many types of enemies, and finding some of them can be challenging; one such enemy is Inquisitor Crius. Although it’s hard to locate Inquisitor Crius, defeating him is easy and will reward you with a new achievement. It’s worth finding and killing Inquisitor Crius just for the rewards. Below is how you can find and defeat Inquisitor Crius in Tower of Fantasy to complete the Crius achievement.

Where to find Inquisitor Crius

You can only find Inquisitor Crius in Warren Snowfield, and so far, we have spotted him at two locations in Tower of Fantasy.

Location #1

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The first location where you are guaranteed to find Inquisitor Crius is north of Spacerift: Warren Snow Peak in Warren Snowfield. It’s in an enemy base; once you are at the base, look for the containers, and you will find Inquisitor Crius on top of one of the containers.

Location #2

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The second location is at the edge of Warren Snowfield, north of Crown Mines. Go into the enemies’ stronghold, and you will easily spot Inquisitor Crius.

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How to defeat Inquisitor Crius

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Once you find Inquisitor Crius, fighting him is easy, but you must keep a few things in mind. First, he can teleport, which can be annoying. But other than that, he does not have any damaging attacks that you should watch out for. Additionally, Inquisitor Crius has no weakness or resistance, so all weapons will work the same against him. We recommend using the most damaging weapon(s) you have against him to defeat him quickly.

Remember that Inquisitor Crius is at the enemies’ base, so there will be many other enemies that you will need to watch out for. After you defeat Inquisitor Crius, you can go to the terminal option from the pause menu to collect the rewards for the Crius achievement.