How to find and fight bosses in Loop Hero

The bosses

Image via Four Quarters

The bosses in Loop Hero don’t appear like the other creatures you encounter in your adventure. They don’t randomly spawn from the random cards you set tile around your path. Instead, you have to keep adding tiles to your Loop Hero adventure constantly. Each time you add increases, the boss meter is underneath the day cycle at the top left of your screen. The day cycle is filling much faster, indicating when a new day occurs in your adventure. Once the boss meter fills, you’ll battle against the boss for that chapter.

When you fill the entire meter up, the boss appears where your cozy camp tile was. The cozy camp tile is the first location to start at, and every time you passed it, you regained your health and refreshed two health potions. There are additional city tiles added to this area, as well.

The first boss, the Lich, had several city tiles appear around where you have to battle them. Each of the tiles provided the Lich with a 5% health and damage bonus, so using the Oblivion card to remove them is critical before you fight them.

Image via Gamepur

You can slightly determine when the boss appears as you place down cards and watch the boss meter at the top left of your screen. If you prefer returning to your camp to turn in your supplies, you want to make sure you don’t accidentally trigger the boss by placing down a card. You can still leave if a boss appears and you’re unprepared to fight them, but you lose 40% of your resources by not using the leaving campsite when leaving the battlefield.