How to Find and Kill Deviljho in Monster Hunter: World


As part of Monster Hunter: World‘s recent 2.00 update, a new apex predator has been introduced to the game. Say hello to Deviljho, one of the foulest looking, largest, and most likely smelliest monsters in the game. He’s also extremely hungry for some reason, but we’ll get to that. Let’s start by talking about how to find a Deviljho in the wild.

How to Find Deviljho

The prerequisite main story quest that must be completed before Deviljho will make an appearance is the “??? Rathian” quest. After that, Deviljho will invade a variety of 6 star and higher quests, as well as high rank expeditions. You’ll be able to pick up its tracks by finding “???” tracks as you play the game. Gathering enough of these tracks will eventually lead to a special assignment called The Food Chain Dominator to be unlocked for your hunter.

Once you have access to that special assignment, you can strike out on a hunt to take down this impressively hideous specimen.

How to Kill Devjiho

Be Nimble, Fellow Hunter

Let’s talk defense first. The Deviljho does large amounts of Dragon damage, so it’s no coincidence that the latest update also added a new specialized tool, the Dragonproof Mantle. In true Monster Hunter: World fashion, this mantle is the perfect protection against Deviljho but is only unlocked by completing The Food Chain Dominator special assignment. So your first try will be more difficult than any subsequent ones.

Fortunately the Legiana armor set is a good substitute for the time being, as it contains several skills that are helpful in any Deviljho fight; Evade Window and Divine Blessing. In fact, anything that boosts your evasion skills will be helpful. Due to Deviljho’s size, one of the safest places to be is right underneath him. Of course, be careful of any stomps and his quick movements. And boy is he fast for a big dude!

Here, Eat This!

As with defense, speed is your friend on offense. Fast weapons will help you strike quickly and get out of trouble before anything too terrible can befall you. Take advantage of enjoying the show when Deviljho start picking up other fairly large monsters. Don’t stay too close, however, as he tends to swing those monsters around and tosses them at you as if they were some kind of chew toy.

If you get the impression that Deviljho is hungry, you’re not wrong. Due to his size, he’s got a huge appetite and will eat literally anything. That includes other monsters, and even his own tail, provided you’ve severed it, of course. Smart hunters will use this to their advantage and prepare a number of poisoned treats for Deviljho. A steady diet of drugged, tinged, and poisoned meat will help give you the upper hand. Don’t expect Deviljho to succumb to those spoiled treats, but he will slow down a bit and give you an opening to get in a few good shots.

While Deviljho may only be the first of hopefully many new additions to Monster Hunter: World, finding and killing him is what makes the game so interesting. If you need assistance with other aspects of the game, be sure to stop by our Monster Hunter: World Guide Hub.