How to find and make health potions in Terraria

Recover your health anywhere in Terraria.

You won’t find a smooth journey in Terraria. Everything in the world will come after you, and when you start the game, it’s easy to take damage while in combat. The best way to bring your health back up to full is to locate health potions. There are a variety of them available in the game, and several ways for you to find and craft them.

The initial way you may encounter health potions is by opening chests and pots found throughout your game. You can crack open pots or chests, and find yourself with a small pile of lesser or regular healing potions. These will help you survive your journey the many nights spent in the game. However, because you only found them in the world, you will have a finite supply if you rely on these random loot drops.

You can instead craft a variety of healing potions, among many others. To craft a healing potion, you need to create a glass bottle. You can do this by creating a furnace, and then using the furnace to create two glass tiles using sand blocks you find anywhere in the world. After you have your glass bottle, place it on any flat surface, preferably in a sheltered location with your other crafting materials, and then approach the glass bottle to start crafting.

You will be able to craft any range of potions while standing next to the glass bottle. They do require ingredients, though. These are the many health potions you can create while at the bottle crafting station.

  • Lesser Healing potion
    • 1 Mushroom
    • 2 Gel
    • 2 Bottle
  • Healing Potion
    • 2 Lesser healing potions
    • 1 Glowing Mushroom
  • Greater Healing Potion
    • 3 Bottled Water
    • 3 Pixie Dust
    • 1 Crystal Shard
  • Super Healing Potion
    • 4 Greater Healing Potions
    • Nebula Fragment
    • Solar Fragment
    • Stardust Fragment
    • Vortex Fragment

Alternatively, for those who still need a safe place to recover your health, you can create a campfire using 10 of any wood and five torches. You can place it down in your structure, and while standing near it, you will receive a health regeneration buff, making it far easier to have your health return to you while in the game.

Health potions are a great thing to utilize while out in the world. But you don’t want to use them while in the safety of your home. Rely on your campfire while in a safe place. If you’re fighting any of the bosses or exploring the world, pop your health potions to recover your health quickly.