How to find and tame the flying fart fish in No Man’s Sky

Get the best flying pet in the game.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Once the Prisms update hit No Man’s Sky, players set out in search of the wackiest low-flying pets they could tame and ride. One player succeeded pretty early in finding what is now known as the flying fart fish, and everyone wants one for themselves. This guide explains how to find and tame the flying fart fish so you can always have one in your roster of companions.

Where to find the flying fart fish

Screenshot by Gamepur

The galaxy where the original flying fart fish was discovered is called Essientam. The tenth galaxy. It’s an extremely fiery world, meaning that you’ll need some serious hazardous protection if you’re going to visit. There are frequent walls of fire, and everything is generally unpleasant, hence the existence of this creature.

However, another planet in the Euclid galaxy is also home to these adorably stinky monsters. We’ve got a 12-digit code for each below, but you’ll need to go through a few major steps in No Man’s Sky before you can find them.

  • Essientam – 2102F955033
  • Euclid – 205D0203F915

You’ll need to use nmsportals, an official site from Hello Games, to get the code and Glyph translations.

How to find the flying fart fish

Screenshot by Gamepur

With the glyph codes above, you now have the coordinates for the flying fart fish. Luckily, you can teleport between galaxies, so it doesn’t matter which galaxy you’re in at the moment. All you need to do is find a Portal and input those codes.

Portals are huge structures that you’ll come across a few times in your No Man’s Sky journey. They’re massive towers with a gate at their base. Once you step up to one, you’ll be presented with a code input screen, but if you don’t have the code, you can’t travel.

The code relates to 16 Glyphs that are scattered throughout the galaxy. You can learn all of them in two ways. The first is to warp around and uncover Traveller Grave Sites. Each one gives you a Glyph. The easier way to get every Glyph is to complete the Artemis Path. Every time you warp to a new system whilst following this path, you’ll get a new Glyph. This takes quite some time, so it’s best to take a screenshot of the exact planet that you find a Portal on as and when you do.

Once you’ve learned all the Glyphs and have found a Portal, all you need to do is input the code and step through. You’ll find yourself on a planet populated by flying fart fish.

How to tame the flying fart fish

Image via Hello Games’ YouTube

You tame a flying fart fish as you do any creature in No Man’s Sky. You’ll need to figure out what it likes, get some bait, feed it the right kind of food so that you can earn its trust, and finally, you’ll be able to mount it. Once you mount the monster, you can fly around the planet with a glorious stream of blue gas expelling from its rear.

This creature even caught the eye of Hello Games Founder Sean Murray, who posted an image of it on Twitter to further encourage all players to find and tame it.