How to find and use an Allay in Minecraft

Set them free!

Image via Mojang

Allays are one of the mobs added in the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update and they might be the most unique inclusions in the game. These little fairy-like creatures are friendly and will be willing to help you gather a bunch of resources without extra input from you. Here is where you can find Allays and use them in Minecraft.

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Where to find Allays?

Allays are friendly mobs that do not appear in the wild as of this writing. Instead, you will have to locate them locked up by Pillagers either at a Pillager Outpost or in a Woodland Mansion. We recommend first outfitting yourself with decent armor and weapons to fight any nearby Pillagers, and then focusing on breaking the Allay out. As soon as they have a path out of their cage, they will begin flying around the area.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

How to use Allays?

Allays can not be tamed. Instead, you will have to get close enough to them to hand them an item. When they are holding that item, they will fly within your vicinity and look for that particular item to pick up. As they grab more of that item, they will return to you and drop it on the ground for you to pick up. To make an Allay stop looking for that item or to give them a different one, interact with them with an empty hand.

Allay notes

  • Unfortunately, Allays can not mine blocks, so you can not hand them a block and expect them to come back with a stack of that resource.
  • Allays can only hold one stack of an item at a time (typically 64).
  • While Allays can not be tamed, you can place a Lead or Name Tag on them to perform their normal function instead of giving them the item.
  • Whoever gives an item to an Allay can not harm them. Others can harm them and send them into a panic. The Allay will automatically regenerate two hearts per damage when it escapes danger.
  • If you place down a Note Block and hit it, any nearby Allays will come to that block and drop whatever items they have gathered instead of to the player who gave them the item.
  • Allays will follow whatever player gives them an item up to 64 blocks away. They will search for items within a 32-block vicinity of that player.
  • Allays can not enter water but will try to retrieve underwater items.