How to find and use Item Seeds in Trials of Mana

Grow your own items in Trials of Mana with Item Seeds and Magic Pots.

Trials of Mana Magic Pot

Screenshot via Square Enix

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Trials of Mana has tons of items that you can use in combat to keep your allies alive, boost their stats, and deal damage to enemies. While you can buy most of them at stores throughout the world, finding other ways to acquire items will help you save your money for big purchases like new gear, and there are plenty of items that you can only find through special means. One of the best ways to keep a healthy stock of items on hand and even make some rare finds is to use Item Seeds.

In Trials of Mana, you can use Item Seeds to grow plants that offer a random item each time. To get an item from an Item Seed, you need to take it to a Magic Pot. You can find a Magic Pot at almost any inn in the game, and you’ll find one or two at important points in the world as well. All you need to do is plant the Item Seed and it will instantly grow into a plant and give you your item. This can be anything from common items like health-replenishing Candy to powerful gear at higher levels.

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The first time you use a Magic Pot, you’ll see that it gains progress toward a level. For each Item Seed you use, it will gain more experience points and eventually level up. Leveling up the Magic Pot will make Item Seeds drop more frequently from defeated enemies and increase the chance of getting a good item when you plant one.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the Magic Pot’s level isn’t tied to which specific one you use, so the level of every Magic Pot in the world grows each time you use any one of them. For that reason, it’s best to use Item Seeds as soon as you find them instead of hoarding them, especially if you’re close to leveling up the Magic Pot. Item Seeds also come in several tiers of rarity, each tier giving better items than the previous one, so if you have a variety on hand and are close to leveling up, try to use your lower-tier Item Seeds to level up the Magic Pot first, then use the higher tier Item Seeds to get even better items.

When you first start Trials of Mana, Item Seeds will be fairly rare. You can find a few scattered in chests throughout the game’s opening areas, but you won’t see too many drop from enemies. The higher level your Magic Pot is, the more often you’ll see Item Seeds, and the more likely you are to get higher tier seeds. It still remains a random drop, though, so the best way to boost your chance to find Item Seeds is to scour every area you enter for chests that might contain them and get your Magic Pot to the highest level you can quickly.

You can farm for Item Seeds anywhere you want, but the randomized rewards you get and the fact that only the highest tier Item Seeds give hard to find items make it not very efficient to specifically go out hunting for them.