How to Find and Attach ACOG and Hunter Scopes in SCUM

Getting a gun in SCUM and a big pile of ammo can give you a feeling of safety that no melee weapon can provide. But if you want to make those bullets count, the only thing missing is a scope for your weapon. A scope will give you extra vision to spot enemy NPCs and players lurking from across the large map.

Finding these scopes are easy, since the scopes are one of the more common weapon attachments strewn across the map. Equipping them to weapon, however, is a lot more complicated then you’d first assume.

An ACOG or Hunting Scope won’t just slot onto the weapon like with most games. This is SCUM we are talking about, you have to get your hands dirty. You will need to search around for a smaller, harder to find attachment, to finally click that scope onto your Kar98 or M1.

You’ll need to search for the items known as rails, or adapters, which are weapon specific. When you find one of these rails, a scope can finally be attached to the gun. These rails look like a blue-ish triangle object.

The best places to look for one of these light blue railing attachments is at the military base, an underground army base, or the airfield. You can occasionally spot them at police stations at the various towns around the map, but these instances are rare.