How to find Big Friend’s Charger in Skatebird

Do your friend a solid.


Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the first missions you’ll tackle in Skatebird is finding Big Friend’s Charger. It’s part of your mission to tidy the place up, but the charger is far from easy to reach. This guide offers tips about completing this mission because it can be challenging, even for skateboarding experts.

Step 1: Build up your Fancy meter

Screenshot by Gamepur

Your Fancy meter can be seen in the bottom-left of the screen. It’s where you’ll see points and multipliers ramp up as you perform tricks. The word “Fancy” will change from black to orange as you build up more speed. You’ll be skating at top speed when the word is completely orange. This is what you need to achieve if you’re going to find Big Friend’s Charger.

The best way to build up your Fancy meter is by skating up ramps over and over again. You get a boost of speed every time you come back down, building your meter up slightly more each time. Then, when it’s full, it’s time to follow the on-screen indicator for the item.

Step 2: Olli off the ramp

Screenshot by Gamepur

To find Big Friend’s Charger, you need to throw yourself at the ramp underneath it at top speed, but that’s not enough alone. You also need to hit the Olli button just as you hit the top edge of the ramp. This causes your bird to flap and fly higher than it would otherwise reach, allowing you to collect Big Friend’s Charger. This is the hardest part of the mission to get right since timing the Olli is crucial. We found that hitting the button just before our board crossed the red and yellow line at the ramp’s top always had our bird performing the jump. There are no cosmetic rewards for this mission, just pure satisfaction.