How to unlock the Quirky Bunny Ears and Ribbon Bow in Skatebird

That’s not a bird.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Skatebird is packed with collectibles for you to find that unlock new cosmetic items for you to adorn your bird with. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock the Quirky Bunny Ears and Ribbon Bow in the game’s very first level.

Step 1: Get to the ground floor

Screenshot by Gamepur

Early on in the game, you may not realize that you can skate off the edge of the upper floor and land on the ground floor. There’s so much more for you to do down here, including finding collectibles and taking on new missions. To get down to the ground floor, skate to the edge of the map, where it looks like the map ends. Instead of skating into oblivion, you’ll see that there’s a glass platform. Skate off the edge of this to land on the ground floor.

Step 2: Get on top of the ramp platform

Screenshot by Gamepur

Skate to the back corner of the ground floor, underneath the table that makes up the upper floor. You’ll be able to see a ramp platform that’s a square with ramps on all sides. The collectible item you need is gold and can just about be seen as you stake up to the structure. To get on top of it, you need to skate up one of the ramps and press the transfer button. This causes your bird to land on top of the ramp instead of skating up it before coming back down.

Pause on top of the ramp, direct yourself to the golden item, and skate into it. This will unlock the Quirky Bunny Ears and Ribbon Bow. You can equip both of them from the menu.