How To Find Boar Beach In Risk of Rain Returns (Secret Location Guide)

Visit Boar Beach, one of the OG locations in the first Risk of Rain game, and get rare items for yourself.

Acrid Prism skin unlocked in Bore Beach location of Risk of Rain Returns

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Risk of Rain Returns features secret survivors and stages that require players to go the extra mile to unlock them. While each stage in the game houses secrets, items, and Artifacts for the players to find, locating Boar Beach is pure luck.

The Boar Beach in Risk of Rain Returns is a hard-to-find location where you need to locate to get exclusive items that are otherwise unobtainable. This guide entails everything you should know about how to find Boar Beach in Risk of Rain Returns.

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Boar Beach Location

Bore Beach - Risk of Rain Returns
Screenshot by Gamepur

To enter the Boar Beach location, you must have the second variant of the Ancient Valley map. The map and variants are entirely random, so you need to continuously end and reload the run until you reach a bush and fence on the top left side of the Ancient Valley map, as shown by the pointed arrow in the image above.

Reaching this top left location does not require special items such as a Hopoo feather, and you should be able to reach it naturally. If you happen to find this location, hold the Up button for a few seconds, and the game will teleport you to Boar Beach.

Why Go To Boar Beach Map

The Boar Beach is a simple and short map featuring an exclusive item and a character’s skin. Here are the two items you need to find while exploring this secret map in the game.

  • White Undershirt (M)
  • Secret Prism skin for Acrid

Landing on Boar Beach and clearing the teleporter boss may seem like a shortcut to the next stage, but sadly, that is not the case here. Once you exit this stage, you will be teleported back to the Ancient Valley biome and need to complete it again and move on to the next one.