Providence Trials In Risk of Rain Returns [Fully Explained]

The Providence Trials unlock new abilities for your Survivors in Risk of Rain Returns, and this guide breaksdown how they work.

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The Providence Trials are a featured added to Risk of Rain Returns, giving you the opportunity to expand the abilities of each character. The Providence Trials come with set requirements, and you will need to rise to the challenge of completing them to unlock these skills.

There are Providence Trials for every character in Risk of Rain Returns. Many of them give you access to skills you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise, but there are also cosmetic rewards as well, which are a fun way to show off how much you’ve completed with your favorite character. Here’s everything you need to know about Providence Trials in Risk of Rain Returns.

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How Providence Trials Work in Risk of Rain Returns

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Every Providence Trial will have a set of requirements, rules, a description of how you complete the trial, displaying the Survivor you use to complete it, and a record to earn a Gold Crown. Unlocking a Providence Trial’s Gold Crown is not a requirement to receive the rewards for completing it. These are more of a goal to give yourself to reach. So long as you’re successful with a Providence Trial, all the rewards will be added to your Risk of Rain Returns profile.

All the details will appear to you in the Providence Trial description tab before you jump into it. After you complete one, the reward will go to you giving you a new set of cosmetics for a specific Survivor or it unlocks a new ability. Now, more trials connected to the one you finished will unlock. Some of them might relate to the Survivor you were playing, or they may appear for other Survivors you’ve unlocked in Risk of Rain Returns.

It is important to note you cannot get Providence Trials for characters you have not unlocked in Risk of Rain Returns. If you’ve finished up every trial for every character, it might be time to jump into the primary game mode to begin working on any Survivors you haven’t added to your roster. Each additional Providence Trial you unlock comes with a new set of challenges, and you may have to work through ones for Survivors you don’t like to find the ones for your favorites.