How to find Disc Fragment (5) in Minecraft

How many do you need to find?

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Disc Fragments (5) are an item added in Minecraft’s 1.19 Update, the Wild. You can find these items in specific locations in your world, and collecting multiple of them allows you to create an item called Music Disc 5, which will play a song by Samuel Åberg, aptly named 5. Finding these fragments will be challenging, and you can’t expect to locate them all after a single night, but you could get lucky. Here’s what you need to know about how to find Disc Fragments (5) in Minecraft.

Where to find Disc Fragments (5)

The only way to find Disc Fragments (5) is by exploring an Ancient City. These structures spawn inside the Deep Dark biome, which you can find underground. When searching for the Deep Dark biome, you want to look under mountainous regions and start digging. These regions will have Deepslate around them, along with patches of Sculk on top of these blocks. You’ll know you’ve discovered a Deep Dark when you find Sculk on these blocks, typically in the Y=-1 and Y=-64 areas of your world.

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You can find Ancient Cities even further down. These structures spawn in the Y=-52 area. They contain all of the same blocks as a Deep Dark, and they have a chance to contain chests. Inside these chests, you can find Echo Shards, and there’s a chance for the Disc Fragments (5) to appear. This is the only location to find these Disc Fragments, meaning you’ll have to explore multiple Deep Dark regions to find them.

When you have nine Disc Fragments, you can combine them to create the Music Disc 5. You can bring this item to a jukebox to play it.