How to find Dreamshell, Toxic Kumori, Dosbiscus in Monster Hunter Rise

Clever trading.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Some resources in Monster Hunter Rise are as rare as they are important. This is definitely the case for Dreamshell, Toxic Kumori, and Dosbiscus. They are locked behind a mechanic that many players may have been completely ignoring, The Argosy.

The Argosy is a special trader that can be found in the Buddy Plaza. Speaking with the merchant there will reveal two different options, Order Items or Exchange for Items. The Exchange for Items tab will allow you to purchases items you need using Kamura Points.

To get Dreamshell, Toxic Kumori, and Dosbiscus, players will want to pick the Order Items option instead. This is where they can send out their buddies on a trade mission, called a Trade Request.

There are different markets that the buddy can visit, and while they cannot order the Dreamshell, Toxic Kumori, or Dosbiscus itself, they can get lucky and find some, and will be smart enough to bring it back for you.

The market that you send your buddy too will impact the rare item they are likely to find:

  • Dreamshell – Mushyroom Market
  • Toxic Kumori – Icebarb Bazaar
  • Dosbiscus – Sunsnug Fruitfair

This does boil down to RNG, so you will want to hire plenty of Buddies and constantly have them heading out on trade missions to the relevant markets to ensure you get your hands on the items you need.