How to find Duckie’s whiskey in Life is Strange: True Colors

That’s some strong stuff.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After giving Duckie and Diane’s order to Jed in Life is Strange: True Colors, he will tell you he can not find Duckie’s usual drink, which is a rye whiskey. While it is not required, you can find the drink to improve your relationship with Duckie. Here is how to find it.

When Jed notices that the whiskey is missing, he will tell you that it is probably upstairs, and if you can find it, you will make Duckie happy. Head to the left of the stairs until you see the photos on the wall. This is the wall of shame for anyone who passes out after drinking too much. The latest picture is from the night before in the apartment where Duckie passed out on the couch while drinking with Gabe.

Head upstairs and go to the couch. Press Search, and Alex will dig through the cushions of the couch and find the whiskey. Go back downstairs, and Alex will give it and a couple of shot glasses to Duckie and Diane. Choose to say “My pleasure” or “Put in a good word?” and Duckie will then pour shots for all three of you, to the detriment of Alex and Diane’s tastebuds.