How to find Emma’s killer in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

The first of many murders.

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Sherlock has deduced who stole the diamond from the seance. Ms. Emma has to be the culprit. It only makes sense. You rush to Lord and Lady Craven’s room, room 226, to discover Lord Craven standing beside Emma’s dead body. She has been strangled, but who did it? Is it the angry Lord Craven? Or is it the sly Mr. Ghalichi?

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You start your investigation in Lord Craven’s room. There are plenty of items to investigate here, so let’s run down the list. First, examine Emma’s body. There are three pieces of evidence to discover; the diamond, her searched-through bag, and the strangulation mark on her neck.

Afterward, check Emma’s belongings on the vanity in the corner. There are five pieces of evidence here. First, use your concentration to find the false bottom in the jewelry box. As for evidence, check the letters, the regular ring, the moth ring, and the box to the right of the jewelry box.

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For the rest of the evidence in the room, look at the lock on the door leading to Luka Ghalichi’s room, the letter on the table by the loveseat, and the letters on the desk near the door. All of this will be important later.

With the evidence collected, head down to the reception desk to collect Mr. Ghalichi’s room key. While you are down there, head over to the foyer and talk to the patrons next to the bar to confirm Lord Craven’s alibi.

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Head upstairs to Mr. Ghalichi’s room, room 225, and begin your search for evidence. Be sure to check the desk to obtain the vial o ectoplasm, a letter, and view the interesting items scattered about the center. Check the briefcase on the bed to collect information about the books that Mr. Ghalichi carries with him. After obtaining the ectoplasm, go into your casebook and select the sample to do a chemical analysis.

Once the analysis is complete, talk to Mr. Ghalichi to initiate a cutscene where Mr. Ghalichi gives his testimony of the events. Observe Mr. Ghalichi to get evidence from him. Check his neck, both hands, waist, and face. You can now make an observation about Mr.Ghalichi.

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After making your observation, another cutscene will begin. Afterward, you will be able to ask Mr. Ghalichi a few questions about the evidence you’ve collected. Make sure to ask him about the scratches on his hand. When providing proof, bring up the moth ring that you found in the jewelry box. The ring will confirm that Emma and Mr. Ghalichi possibly knew one another.

It is time to present evidence to Lord Craven. Head to his room and confront him. Bring up the hidden jewels, and Lord Craven will be confused and angry about it. It turns out he never knew about them and assumed the staff stole them. With all this evidence in place, you can piece the puzzle together and figure out who killed Emma.

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Use the Mind Palace to draw all the conclusions and piece everything together. You can arrive at one of two conclusions; either Mr. Ghalichi or Lord Craven killed Emma. Once you have decided who killed her, it is up to you to bring them to justice or let them go.