Where to Find and Evolve Honedge in Pokémon Sword and Shield


There are some interesting Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield. An unusual creature you can encounter is Honedge, a floating sword Pokémon that’s a Ghost and Steel-type. If you want to add something unique to your roster, this Honedge will make an excellent choice.

Unfortunately, you can only encounter this Pokémon in Heavy Fog. To run into Heavy Fog, you have a chance of having it spawn sometime after the sixth Gym, but it’s challenging to spawn into the game. However, after you beat the game and the Heavy Fog officially unlocks, and you have a higher chance of it generating in the Wild Area.

You have a pretty high chance of Honedge spawning in the Hammerlocke Hills in Heavy Fog, so you want to check that location if you can one wandering around there. You can also locate it as an exclamation point, but there’s a bit more luck involved because you don’t know what you run into until you battle it, and it only happens during a Snowstorm in the same area.

At level 35, Honedge evolves into Doublade, remaining a Ghost and Steel-type. If you want to bypass the lesser evolution, you have a chance to encounter a Doublade on the Lake of Outrage location during a Snowstorm, but it only shows up in the grass as an exclamation point. Again, there’s plenty of chance involved.

Honedge’s final evolution is Aegislash Shield, which you can get after you have a Doublade and give it a Dusk Stone. It remains as Ghost and Steel-type Pokémon.