How to Find Giovanni in Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO Update July 2016

Pokemon Go has more trouble brewing in it, but now trainers can do something about it. For the past few weeks, Team Rocket has been causing trouble by stealing PokeStops and using their Shadow Pokemon. Right now, players have the opportunity to take the fight to the Team Rocket leaders and bring down the head guy leading it all: Giovanni. Here’s how you can go about finding him.

How to Find Giovanni in Pokemon Go

The first step to locating the diabolical leader of Pokemon Go’s Team Rocket is to go through the Looming in the Shadows research project. All players should have access to this. We have a guide breaking down what you’re going to need to do to complete all of the steps of the research project, which you can read over here. To locate Giovanni, you’re going to need almost to finish the project. The final step is finding him and rescuing his captured Shadow Pokemon, Articuno. Focusing on the special project is the best approach, so think of it as getting two birds with one stone.

Follow the steps in the research project, and you’re going to get tasked with locating Team Rocket grunts at PokeStops. They’ll be carrying Mysterious Components on them. You’re going to need these to create a Rocket Radar, which is going to lead you to locate one of the three Team Rocket leaders who are hiding in a nearby hideout. No, none of them are Giovanni, but they’re vital to finding him. You need to find and defeat these leaders. By taking them down, they’re going to allow players to locate him after Professor Willow believes you’re ready to do so.

Players are going to have to take down each of the three Team Rocket leaders. To do so, players need to make three different Rocket Radars, which means locating up to 18 Mysterious Components. However, players can work together with a buddy to use their Rocket Radar to find a hideout. If you and a few friends plan to do this together, you might cut the time to locate all three of them down considerably and wrap up the special research project.

Regardless, this process may take a bit of time, but after having done it once, players should get the hang of it. The special project isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so take your time and don’t rush it.

After defeating all three of the leaders, players will gain access to a Super Rocket Radar. This item will lead players straight to Giovanni, where they’re going to need the absolute best Pokemon they have in their party to take him down. However, because you’ve been fighting several Team Rocket grunts and various leaders, a handful of grunts might be disguised as Giovanni. There’s no clear indication to tell the difference, so trainers need to be on their guard.

When you defeat Giovanni, good luck attempting to capture the legendary bird, Articuno. They’ll be thankful you brought them back into the light.