How to find Glow Squids in the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update

Journey below the ground to meet these new glowing friends.

Glow Squid

Amongst the new mobs in the Minecraft Cave & Cliffs update for summer 2021 is the Glow Squid, though “new” is perhaps not the best word for it. The Glow Squid was actually a mob that existed in the Minecraft Earth variant of Minecraft since February 2020.

It was featured in a three-way community vote between itself, the Moobloom from Minecraft Earth, and the Iceologer from Minecraft Dungeons. The Glow Squid came out on top and will be the mob from another iteration of Minecraft to make it into the main title.

Locating Glow Squids

Like Axolotls, you won’t find Glow Squids in rivers or ponds. These luminescent creatures will only be located in underground water sources; but unlike Axolotls, they are not confined to only Lush Caves. They can be found in any type of underground water source as long as it’s big enough for a squid-sized mob to spawn.

Finding things in a dark cave is usually tricky, but you may want to save the torches for another time, as it may be easier to find Glow Squids in the dark. Their bodies give up light at the same level as spider eyes and endermen, so they will stick out in lowlight.

It has been rumored that if Glow Squids are to spawn in the Lush Caves, that Axolotls may attack them, but while this was teased by the developers as a possibility, it is not confirmed. You cannot bucket a Glow Squid, as they are too large to fit inside, just like the normal squid.