How to find hidden secrets and treasure using the wishbone in Valheim

There are treasures in the earth.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are hidden secrets all over Valheim, and many of them are underground. Many of the game mechanics are not entirely explained to you, such as learning how to parry, how to stop freezing, or how to summon the various bosses. After you defeat Bonemass, you gain the item called a wishbone, and it has the ability to reveal your hidden secrets and treasures when you’re near them. How does the item work, and how do you know when you’re next to a secret? You can also use this item to find silver ore in the Mountains biome.

How to find hidden secrets and treasure

The wishbone makes a distinct animation around your character when you walk close to a secret. There are blue and green wisps that revolve around your character, and there’s a sharp whistling sound that you. If you don’t have the sound turned on, that’s fine. The animation is enough to catch your attention. The more it pulses, and the faster the sound, the closer you are to the item.

More often than not, you’re going to need to dig down to the source. Make sure you have a pickaxe, or even two, to dig deep down into the ground. You’ll find a chest, and inside of it will have some precious items you can provide to the trader to obtain more gold. If you’re looking to afford any Ymir flesh, improve your weight capacity, or grab a fishing rod, it’s worth the effort.