How to find Infused Ruby in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Diamonds are not your best friend

If you’re searching for infused ruby in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, there are some steps you need to take before you begin collecting it. We’ll point you in the right direction while you’re in Revendreth and show you the best ways to gather the gems.

How to loot Infused Ruby

To collect Infused Ruby, you first need to finish the quest titled The Endmire. All you need to do is pick up five of the rubies you find in the surrounding area and bring them back to Tessle the Snitch, who will voice great displeasure at the thought of continuing his watch with all the ghosts in the area. Finishing this quest also lets you activate the braziers in the area to remove any Weakend Soul debuffs you might have.

Where to find Infused Ruby

Now that you can collect Infused Ruby on your own, you can choose a few different spots to find the gems, some more plentiful than others.

The biggest cache you can find comes when you turn in the Bundle of Smuggled Parasol Components from a smuggle cache in Revendreth. Finishing the quest will net you 35 pieces of Infused Ruby.

You can search the Halls of Atonement for random drops, but beware that the appearance rate is very low, only spawing one to five rubies every five minutes.

Rubies also appear inside Treasures of Revendreth chests scattered throughout the zone, including daily and weekly chests that reappear.

What to know about Infused Ruby

You can only collect 100 total pieces of Infused Ruby, regardless of bag space, so keep an eye on your inventory once you start collecting them. These gems are a special currency that you can spend at many vendors who have set up shot in Revendreth. If you collect 100, you can spend all of it on the Enchanted Map of Infused Ruby Network. This will highlight your existing world map, showing you everything near your character that has to do with the gems. Once you purchase the map, you won’t even need to keep it in your inventory to use its benefits.