How to Find Krill in Immortal Life

Krill is one of many ingredients you can gather in Immortal Life, but it can be tricky to find unless you know where to look

Where to Find Krill Immortal Life

Screenshot by Gamepur

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In the cozy game Immortal Life, players take on a variety of quests to help rebuild the Guiyung Sect and support the local village. One such quest involves finding krill for an NPC who needs it to help his ailing son.

If you’re like me, the minute a friendly figure in a game asks for help, you want to help them. In this case, a man by the name of Zhou Xing needs to get his hands on some krill, and you’re the magical main character to find it for him. And if you’re wondering what’s in it for you, well of course there’s a reward associated with completing this quest.

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Where to Find Zhou Xing, The NPC Who Needs Krill

Zhou Xing Krill Quest NPC Immortal Life
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For many players, the first time you’ll need to find krill in Immortal Life is when you come across Zhou Xing. Just in case you haven’t stumbled upon him yet, I want to point you in his direction. Once you give him the krill he seeks, Zhou Xing will reward you with every cozy gamer’s dream: a new recipe to cook up!

Zhou Xing is located at the Ferry Stop, down by the docks, but only at night. To find him and begin his quest, head towards the water just after you enter the Ferry Stop.

Zhou Xing Map Location Immortal Life
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Here, you’ll see an older gentleman with a quest-indicating exclamation point above his head. Talk to him, and you’ll learn he needs to find some krill.

While he doesn’t initially offer you anything for the krill, Zhou Xing won’t let you give it to him “for free” as the dialogue suggests. Instead, he’ll teach you how to make a shrimp omelet.

How to Get Krill in Immortal Life

Caught Krill Immortal Life
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Getting krill in Immortal Life isn’t too difficult, but there are some specific conditions you’ll need to satisfy to make it happen: timing and location.

You get krill by fishing, but specifically, you’ll need to fish at the docks, near where Zhou Xing is standing. At the edge of the dock, you’ll get a prompt stating you can fish here if you have the fishing pole equipped.

This spot is home to krill, but not all the time. In order to catch krill, you’ll need to use your fishing pole at the docks at night.

While Zhou Xing eventually informs you that krill only come out at night, he only gives you this piece of information after you talk to him with at least one krill in your inventory, so I had to stumble upon this fact through trial and error.

In my experience, if you’re fishing in this spot at night, you’ll catch krill pretty regularly. I fished twice in this area after dark and caught krill both times, so I was able to complete Zhou Xing’s quest and keep some for myself.