How to find the Legendary Ruddy Moose in Red Dead Online

Add the third Legendary Moose to your selection.

Rockstar added the third and final Legendary Moose to Harriet’s mission rotation. The Legendary Ruddy Moose is located in Tall Trees, just outside of Blackwater in West Elizabeth. The Legendary Ruddy Moose is not a random encounter like the previous two. That may be a good thing, since the encounter is guaranteed and not dependent on time, weather, or if another random encounter is in the area. 

In order to start the mission, approach Harriet at any of her three outposts. It doesn’t matter which one you choose. The mission will transport you to the required area no matter where you initiate it. If you have been hunting lately, you will probably be put on a cooldown before you can take a mission. Just go fish for a couple minutes to pass the time.

Before starting the mission, make sure you have enough ammunition for your weapons. You will face enemies, but only a handful. If you plan to sedate the animal, you will need enough sedative ammunition.

Once you’re ready to find the Legendary Ruddy Moose, follow these steps:

  • Approach Harriet
  • Select Missions
  • Select Legendary Ruddy Moose from the list

The mission is guaranteed for everyone once. After you use that one option, it will appear in Harriet’s mission rotation. The rotation resets every 45 minutes should it not be there a second time. If you want the sample, pelt, photograph, and more, you will need to play it at least twice. If you’re playing with a posse, you will need to play it multiple times for everyone. Everyone in the posse gets the sample, but only the posse member that skins the animal will get the pelt. 

The Legendary Ruddy Moose’s first cinematic mission is easy to get through. Players will start at the edge of Tall Trees, in the Great Plains. Approach the yellow marker, but don’t feel the need to stay on the road. You will encounter a photographer that was attacked. Follow the clues to his camp and search. As you leave the camp, a cutscene will play, revealing the moose. 

The game wants you to save the moose from the poachers, but it will not fail you if you kill it for the pelt instead. You will make quick work of the three poachers. The moose will run the entire time, keep an eye out for the animal during your fight.