How to find lush worlds in No Man’s Sky

Locate the best worlds in the game and build on them.


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There are several world types in No Man’s Sky, but very rarely are they better than lush worlds. This is a type of biome that makes a planet or moon a candidate as a garden world, the best world type in the game. Lush worlds are generally seen as a great place to set up a base, mainly because few environmental threats exist. In this guide, we’ll explain how you find these worlds and why you should.

What are lush worlds?

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Lush worlds are characterized by clear skies, exotic growing grass, and being generally hospitable to life. While lifeforms are all over the place in No Man’s Sky, lush worlds hold the best chance of finding them in abundance. The grass is the real giveaway since most worlds have barren, bare ground that’s occasionally covered in lethal plants. These worlds also usually have very little in the way of atmospheric threats. You won’t need protection while you’re out of your ship unless a particularly harsh storm drifts by.

How to find lush worlds

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Lush worlds are mostly found in systems with yellow stars, though you can find them in other types of systems as well if you look hard enough. You’ll be able to see if a world is lush from orbit because it looks like it’s covered in a carpet of grass. However, you won’t always be that close.

As soon as you warp to a system, check out the worlds in the Discoveries menu. Here, you can see all the worlds in the system. Hovering over them will show you if they’ve been discovered yet. If they have, you’ll get some data on them, such as what type of world they are.

All lush world planet descriptors

Lush worlds all fall under the following categories:

  • Verdant
  • Rainy
  • Viridescent
  • Paradise
  • Tropical
  • Temperate
  • Flourishing
  • Humid
  • Overgrown
  • Bountiful
  • Grassy

If you see any of the above descriptors on a planet in the system, it’s a lush world. You should discover if a new world fits any of these as soon as you land on it. Check it in the Discoveries menu as soon as you land to be sure.

Tips on finding lush worlds

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You’ve got a better chance of finding a lush world if you visit a yellow system. There are also lush galaxies, which you reach by completing the main quest several times, that have an increased chance of lush worlds spawning in yellow systems. Most players agree that the 10th galaxy you visit, meaning you have to complete the main questline 10 times, has the greatest chance of spawning lush worlds.

Why should you find lush worlds?

Lush worlds are the best to build a base on, whether that’s alone or with friends. This is because the environmental hazards are minimal, so it’s easy to spend lots of time building without needing to panic about shelter. These worlds also look the best, so you can build something nice, take a picture in photo mode, and share it with the community.

Lush worlds also played a part in No Man’s Sky’s Expedition Beachhead and could be important in future Expeditions. Knowing how to find them and what to look for if you’re on the hunt will definitely help you when you’re working through a milestone.