How to unlock Normandy SR1 Mass Effect Frigate in No Man’s Sky

Cruise like Commander Shepard forever.


Image via Hello Games’ YouTube

The Normandy SR1 of the Mass Effect series is now available in No Man’s Sky as a Frigate. You can add this Frigate to your roster permanently, but you have a limited window of opportunity to do so. In this guide, we’ll explain exactly how to pick up this Mass Effect easter egg so you can go on to use it throughout your time with No Man’s Sky.

Complete Expedition Beachhead

All you have to do to unlock the Normandy SR1 Mass Effect Frigate in No Man’s Sky is complete the second Expedition, Beachhead. Expeditions are multiplayer events in No Man’s Sky that you can access from the multiplayer menu. It will start a new save file, and you’ll be dumped onto a planet with other players and tasked with completing a series of phases. There are five phases to complete, each with its own tasks and challenges. Together with other players in your Expedition, you’ll explore an uncharted part of the No Man’s Sky universe and unlock some exclusive rewards.

However, you only have until May 31 to complete Expedition Beachhead. After that, you won’t be able to enter the Expedition or unlock the Normandy SR1 Frigate. The phases for this Expedition are as follows.

Phase One

Phase One is simple, tasking players with dong much of what they do at the start of any No Man’s Sky playthrough.

  • Moon Rover: Deploy a Roamer Exocraft.
  • First Steps: Reached your starship.
  • Lift Off: Leave the planet.
  • Engage Warp: Use a freighter to warp to a new system.
  • Rendezvous 1: Reach the first rendezvous.

Phase Two

In Phase Two, things ramp up a bit. You’re required to complete some optional activities from the main game.

  • Rendezvous 2: Reach the second rendezvous point.
  • Scrapped: Restore a crashed ship.
  • Interstellar Rescue: Come to the aid of a stranded lifeform.
  • Fallen Giants: Explore a freighter crash site.
  • The Aviator: Pilot your ship 500,000 units.

Phase Three

In Phase Three, you’re tasked with exploring even further afield, finding new worlds that you might not even have seen in the main game.

  • Rendezvous 3: Reach the third rendezvous point.
  • Feet of Flame: Visit a scorched world.
  • Life From Dust: Discover one creature on a desert world.
  • Pale Blue Dot: Visit a frozen world.
  • Rain Like Poison: Visit a toxic world.
  • Verdant Abundance: Discover one creatures on a lush world.
  • The Glowing Earth: Visit a radioactive world.

Phase Four

In the fourth phase things start to come to a head. It’s all about talking to the local aliens.

  • Rendezvous 4: Reach the fourth rendezvous point.
  • Words For Friends: Learn ten Gek words.
  • Visit the Atlas: Visit an Atlas Station.
  • Linguistic Decoding: Learn ten Korvax words.
  • Uncharted: Discover ten systems.
  • Grah! Grah! Grah!: Learn ten Vy’keen words.

Phase Five

The final phase of this Expedition requires the community to unlock a key to decrypt it. You’ll need to work with other players on your findings in Phase Four to do this.

  • Rendezvous 5: Reach the final rendezvous point.
  • ZX?FL OVZ??EG: Po?lo fkuzzaus k?tk??
  • HUZS KE E?LLUS: Susp?thzss? s?h Nzda
  • FKM?S KZ EU?LPZS: Pa?ra kttzzk g?de?!
  • ZATLA?SEUM MKEEZS: zi?xte?en?u?

Once you’ve completed Phase Five, you’ll unlock your rewards, including the Normandy SR1 Mass Effect Frigate.