How to find Reaper’s Chests in Sea of Thieves

A lot of risk for plenty of rewards.

Screengrab via Rare

Chests are some of the best ways to participate in epic adventures and obtain a variety of rewards in Sea of Thieves. A notable treasure chest many voyagers will want to seek while playing the game is Reaper’s Chest.

You can find them through these methods:

  • Shipwrecks
  • Fort of the Damned vaults
  • Quests dropped by Skeleton Captains
  • Mercenary Voyages

Alternatively, for those looking for a Reaper’s Chest, a great way to locate them is to find the swirling circle of red and green lights in the sky commonly referred to as a beacon. These swirling lights indicate there’s an unclaimed Reaper’s Chest or Bounty awaiting those who venture to the location. These are unclaimed chests, and once you grab them, the beacon goes away. However, while on your ship they have a distinct red marker attached to them. Everyone on the map can see them, thereby knowing your ship has one aboard. You need to act quickly to turn them in, or others may attempt to hunt your crew down for the loot.

Once you have them, you need to visit The Reaper’s Hideout to turn in your chest. It’s the new location for The Reaper’s Bones faction where they’ve set up shop. You have the option to pledge yourself as their Emissary, which grants you a variety of rewards for completing tasks in their favor, which include attacking player vessels sailing the seas. The inclusion of the new player-focused combat faction makes turning in these chests a bit more risker for the rewards.

You want to act fast when you have one of these on your vessel. Many players on the server will be after you, and you can assume there are other players in your game because Reaper’s Chests do not show up unless there are at least three different crews in your session.