How to find River Raid keys in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The key to some useful treasures.

The River Raids in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla contains various riches to fill your pockets and fill your armory with new equipment. When conducting these raids, you’re going to encounter chests that you won’t be able to open. They require a River Raid key. These keys are exclusive to the River Raids activity, and you’ll need to explore these attacks to find a key.

For those looking for a key, you want to use Odin’s Vision as often as possible to make sure you’ve covered every inch of the sites you visit. It’s easy to miss these keys. We found our first one by attacking the Fortress on the Exe, and we found it in a pile of clothing. We used our Odin’s Sight to locate it, and rather than the distinct yellow outline, we saw a white one.

When we approached it, we had the option to collect the key. It immediately went into our inventory, and from there, we’re able to open any of the River Raid chests we find when conducting these attacks. You’ll need to find a new key each time you want to open one of these chests. Inside the chest, you’ll find some useful resources for your power level and a rune that you can equip for any of your weapons or armor.

The chests are also hidden all over the locations in the River Raids. Make sure you scour each area if you have a key. If you can’t find a key and encounter a chest when raiding, you can always come back later. The River Raiding activity is highly replayable.