How to find shelter in Luiza’s house in Resident Evil Village

Safe from harm.

After making your way to the top of a grassy hill in Resident Evil Village, you will discover Elana and Leonardo hidding in a house. They will allow you inside, somewhat reluctantly, as the hill is swarming with dangerous werewolves.

Once you get inside the pair of NPCs will tell you that they are trying to get into Luiza’s house, which they consider to be a safe haven form the madness that is happening outside.

They will ask you to find a way inside, as Leonardo is injured. In the back of the house that Elena and Leonardo are in, you will find a window that leads to the outside. Jump through it, and loot the items nearby. On the left will be a low crate with a blue tarp on it.

Jump on top of this, then up and over the wall. You will land inside Luiza’s property. Open the outhouse and grab the chemical inside, then make your way to the main gate. Before opening it, check the small hutch on the right. Inside will be the Demon mask that you need to get to open the main door to the castle, but you have no way to get it yet.

Instead, turn toward the gate and open it to let Elana and Leonardo inside, then play through the various dialogue pieces until you can get inside the house.