How to find shrines in Tribes of Midgard

Travel quickly all over your world.

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Shrines are useful locations in Tribes of Midgard that allow you to fast travel to other map locations and the center of your village. For example, suppose you’re exploring a new area far away from your village. In that case, you want to locate a shrine exceptionally quickly so that when night arrives, you’ll be able to return to defend your town from the incoming attacks or the J√∂tuun. This guide details how to find shrines in Tribes of Midgard.

Like everything in Tribes of Midgard, the shrines are randomly spawned all over the world in different locations every time you play. As a result, you can find them in varying regions of the map. For example, when starting at the village and you explore beyond there, you’re typically surrounded by the Bright Forest, and close to that can be the Ash Beach, Land of Pools, or the Glacier Peaks. When entering a new area, your chances of finding a shrine are usually pretty high, but it’s all random.

You’ll know you’ve found a shrine on your map based on the small grey star you see on the mini-map. After running over them and interacting with these objects, the grey star becomes gold, which means that they’ve connected to the shrine in your village. Those locations are connected and unlock fast travel, but you do have to be standing at these shrines to use it.

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There are about 20 shrines in each Tribes of Midgard world. When you find all of the shrines during a single playthrough, you’ll unlock the Hunter class.