How to find Synthesis target locations in Warframe

Track them all down.

Anyone who has visited Cephalon Simaris at one of Warframe’s Relays will know that he is always on the hunt of Synthesis targets. They become a very hot topic when finding them is part of a Nightwave challenge, as this can be the first introduction that some players will have to the activity.

The Synthesis targets will change each day and need to be scanned using the Synthesis Scanner that can be obtained from Cephalon Simaris. The tricky part is actually finding the targets.

Cephalon Simaris will give players a type of enemy that they need to find and scan but will offer no clues about where to find them. The easiest way to do this is to use the Warframe Wiki.

Players can use the Warframe Wiki to search any enemy type in the game, and they will see a list of the locations and missions that it spawns in. Underneath the profile picture for the enemy, they will see a section called Tile Set. All enemies in the game are bound to certain tilesets, and can only spawn on them.

Clicking on any of the listed tile sets will bring them to a list of locations that contain those tilesets, and then players can perform a mission at that location in the game. The synthesis target is not a guaranteed spawn, but it does have a high likelihood of appearing.

After that, players simply need to track it down in the level. When they get close enough, a waypoint will appear leading them to the target, and they can scan it to complete the mission for Cephalon Simaris.