How to find the Family Crest for The Hermitage Pursuit and unlock Packed Explosives in Dredge

Fisher by day, family therapist by night.

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Dredge goes above and beyond with its optional missions, with each one providing intriguing anecdotes for those who relish in the macabre and desolate, a common thread amongst the inhabitants of the various settlements encountered throughout the game. The Hermitage Pursuit is no exception to this. This quest sends you fishing for a Family Crest to bring two long-lost brothers together. If the satisfaction of solving two old men’s family feud isn’t enough for you, you’ll unlock packed explosives as a result of this quest. Here’s how to find and complete The Hermitage Pursuit in Dredge.

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How to unlock the Hermitage Pursuit in Dredge

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Southeast of Ingfell, you’ll spot a red beam that leads to a city in ruins. If you dock just before it, an old man named Hermit will approach you. Choose the dialogue option “This place doesn’t seem safe. Why do you live here?” and he’ll share how the collapse stranded him here. Say you’ll “help him move to Ingfell,” to which he’ll agree only if you help him make amends with his long-lost brother.

How to find the Family Crest in Dredge

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To get the large whale-bone crest, you’ll need to steam your way to the Gale Cliffs. Prepare for your nautical expedition by clearing out your cargo hold. The prized Family Crest will occupy a four-square slot in your inventory, so make sure you have enough space. Then, navigate toward the starboard side of the Hermit’s port and set sail, tracing the left edge of the cliffs. As you approach three forlorn shipwrecks, keep your eyes peeled for a shimmering golden aura in the middle of the water near the cascading waterfall — this is your destination, the elusive dredging spot for the coveted Family Crest.

How to unlock Packed Explosives in Dredge

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With the Family Crest in hand, it’s time to unlock the coveted Packed Explosives. Head to Ingfell and seek out the Retired Whaler, the Hermit’s brother, to show him your prized catch. Choose the dialogue option, “I believe this crest is yours,” and he’ll ask you to demolish some obstructive debris for him. The demolition site is nestled in Gale Cliffs, where a massive, hostile fish lurks about. Equip your boat with faster engines and prepare for a daring escape. Upon arrival, locate the area marked with yellow flags to blast the rocks to smithereens. 

When you return to the Retired Whaler, he’ll ask you to bring his brother. Most importantly— he’ll start selling packed explosives to you. For $40 and two inventory slots, you can now blow up walls to unlock previously locked areas.