How to solve the Rock Slab with three crab-like creatures on it in Gale Cliffs in Dredge

Feed the mouth.


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While you’re sailing around the rocky cliffs of Gale Cliffs in Dredge, you’ll come across an interesting Rock Slab. This object is mysterious, able to hold crab-like items you can place in it, but it doesn’t tell you why or what you’ll get for doing so. This guide explains how to solve the Rock Slab with three crab-like creatures on it, so you can get an incredibly powerful reward.

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What do you do with the Rock Slab with three crab-like creatures on it?

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The Rock Slab with three crab-like creatures on it is located on the southeast side of Gale Cliffs. It’s in a small break between the cliffs, but it’s the only object of interest there. See above for a map reference for this location.

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While it doesn’t explain this to you, this Rock Slab needs to have three specific crabs inserted into it to be solved. This means you’ll need to purchase some Crab Pots and throw them out in the waters around Gale Cliffs.

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You must bring two Rock Crabs and one Decorator Crab to the Rock Slab. Put the Decorator Crab at the bottom of the Rock Slab, and slot the Rock Crabs above and to the side of its massive shell. Once you’ve inserted the final crab, the Rock Slab will respond and reward you with Mouth of the Deep.

What is Mouth of the Deep and how do you use it?

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The Mouth of the Deep is the best crab pot in Dredge, and you can get it very early in the game. This crab pot is the biggest you can use, nothing you can buy is bigger, and it has a 10-day lifespan. Most crab pots need to be picked up and repaired after 5 days, but Mouth of the Deep will keep going for ages. We used this crab pot to pick up crabs and other creatures while completing Pursuits around the seas of Dredge, allowing us to earn money without putting in any extra effort or diverting from the main questline. Whether that was collecting Relics, finding a new home for a dog, or delivering sticky packages to odd people in small seafaring villages.