How to find the fuse cell to complete the Crane Trauma challenge in Berlin in Hitman 3

Look out below.

The challenges in Hitman 3 push you to think up creative methods for taking out your specific targets. 11 ICA agents are searching for you on the Berlin map and trying to get to you, but your task is to get to them first. You can take out one of the agents, Agent Thames, and make it look like an accident using a massive crane that’s nearby.

Where to start the Crane Trauma challenge

To perform this challenge, you need to make your way to the back entrance of the club. You can get there by slipping past the crowd growing at the club entrance and then going left of the guards blocking this area. There’s a wall you can jump over that will allow you to slip into the back. Agent Thames will be wandering back there dressed as one of the club staff members.

Where to find the fuse cell

When you reach that location, your primary goal is to get the crane working again. Unfortunately, there’s no fuse in the box. Luckily, there’s one nearby you can use. You’ll have to walk across the street over to the area behind the container. Look for a yellow trash area, and you can find a fuel cell inside of it.

When you have the fuel cell, bring it over to the crane. There should be a fuse box already open, so you won’t need a crowbar to open it. Place the fuel cell inside, and the lights should immediately turn on.

You have to be fast. When the lights flash on, Agent Thames is attracted to them, and it becomes a distraction. You have to rush up the ladder to the top of the crane, interact with the crane’s controls, and then drop the large concrete block on top of him. If you do it quickly enough, it’ll late and squash him, completing the challenge.