How to Find the Hidden Sylvan Glade in Sims 4

If you want an otherwordly Sims 4 experience, try visiting the hidden area Sylvan Glade using these steps during your next session

Sylvan Glade Top View Sims 4

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The Sims 4 features a ton of secrets and hidden gems for players to uncover. The Sylvan Glade is one such hidden area that players can unlock by following a few key steps.

Sims fans looking for a magical corner tucked away in The Sims 4 may have heard of the mysterious Sylvan Glade. This enchanted spot can only be accessed if the player knows (or stumbles upon) the secret to discovering it. If you’re ready to show your Sims a dose of magic, here’s how to take them to Sylvan Glade.

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What is the Sylvan Glade in The Sims 4?

The Sylvan Glade is a hidden area built into the base game for The Sims 4. That means you don’t need any particular expansion packs to access it, though having the Spa Day stuff pack will add an additional method for getting there.

This mysterious spot has a spooky vibe with its constant state of twilight, giving everything a purple-pink hue. You’ll also hear occasional echoes of distant laughter, making it seem a bit like your Sim has stumbled into a realm of fairies. Sylvan Glade is also home to a number of collectibles such as fish, frogs, and plants your Sim can harvest while they’re in season. It’s worth checking out, particularly if you like to explore all the nooks and crannies The Sims 4 offers.

How to Get to the Sylvan Glade in The Sims 4 by Befriending the Sylvan Tree

Foundry Cove Sims 4(1)
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The first and most common way to get to the Sylvan Glade involves making nice with the Sylvan Tree itself. This unusual tree is located in the Willow Creek neighborhood in Foundry Cove, and you can access it through a number of lots here. The quickest way is to travel to the Crick Cavana lot, closest to the tree. This is a residential lot, so you could also move your Sims household into this starter home for easy access to the Sylvan Tree if you plan to visit the Glade often.

The Sylvan Tree is a large, twisted tree with mushrooms growing on it. It will be in vibrant, full bloom even in winter and looks like it might well house a fairy or two, making the tree relatively easy to spot.

Sylvan Tree Sims 4
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Once you find the Sylvan Tree, you’ll need to spend some time getting to know it, as only Sims can. Initially, you’ll only be able to view the tree, but as you do so a few times, you’ll slowly earn more interaction options. As you build up your relationship with the magic tree by engaging with it, you’ll eventually uncover the ability to “explore” at the base of the tree. It’s easy to tell when you’ve reached this point because a gap will open up in the tree’s roots, which your Sim can now crawl inside. This interaction is your ticket to Sylvan Grove, but you’ll need to pick the right responses to get there.

Once you begin exploring, your Sim will be presented with a number of Tree Adventure dialogue cards, prompting you to pick between two options.

Tree Adventure Follow the Sound Sims 4
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In order to access Sylvan Glade, you need to pick the correct answers to these questions as follows:

  • For the first card that pops up, you’ll want to select the “Follow the Sound” option.
  • Next, make sure you “Follow Downstream.”
  • At the next dialogue prompt, choose to “Enter the Mist.”
  • At this point, you should see “Travel To Glade” as an option. Clicking on this will take you to Sylvan Glade.

How to Get to the Sylvan Glade in The Sims 4 Using the Wellness Skill

Teleport to Sylvan Glade
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If you have the Spa Day pack for The Sims 4, you’ll have another way to access the Sylvan Glade. The Wellness Skill, unlocked through this DLC, will eventually let you meditate your way to the Glade. Doing so requires a Wellness Skill of 7, so you’ll need to spend some time doing Wellness activities like yoga and meditation. However, once you reach Wellness 7, the Sylvan Glade is just a meditation dialogue prompt away.

To use this method with a Sim who has the required skill level, have them meditate. Then click on them while they’re meditating and select the self-interaction “Teleport to Sylvan Glade.” This should take you to the secret world where you can explore to your heart’s content.

Note that it appears your Sim will need to have visited the Sylvan Glade before in order to have this option. We tried this with two Sims of Level 10 Wellness, and only the one who entered the Glade through the tree earlier was able to teleport there during meditation.

When you enter Sylvan Glade, your Sim will be able to go fishing, search for frogs, and harvest from the numerous plants that grow there. You can leave any time by clicking the Sylvan Tree again or by simply clicking the “Go Home” button on your Sim’s profile icon as normal.