How to find the House Grinchin Ring in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Solemnly swear that you’re up to plenty of good.

Image via Blizzard

Inside the Chalice District of Revendreth, you’ll be searching for the Secret Treasure, one of many prizes hidden in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. To obtain the ring, the Treasure Guardian asks if you belong to House Grinchlin. You’ll need proof, and it’s closer than you think.

After asking the Treasure Guardian how you can prove that you belong, you’ll hear talk of the House Grinchin Ring. You may think of nightmare scenarios, running all over Revendreth searching for a rare enemy or an obscure NPC, but the answer is literally right above your head. Facing the guardian, turn to your left, and notice the chain dangling from what looks like the ceiling (turn your brightness up if you need). Before you interact with the chain, clear out any enemies you may have pulled in. You can then propel yourself up to the second floor.

In front of you, you’ll see a table with documents and equipment scattered everywhere. A small box called the Grenchin Calligraphy Set is the lone object you can interact with, so inspect the box. You’ll loot the House Grinchin Ring.

Unlike most rings, this one will only exist for one real-time minute, thanks to an enchantment that “prevents those outside House Grenchin from holding it for long.” Drop down, and talk to the Treasure Guardian, showing him the ring you have discovered — er, been wearing this whole time. You’re now free to open the treasure chest in front of the guardian and claim your prize.