How to find the Legendary Iwakta Panther in Red Dead Online

Complete your panther collection with the Legendary Iwakta Panther.

Image via Rockstar

The final panther dropped with Rockstar’s latest drip-feed update. The Legendary Iwakta Panther is another sighting mission from Harriet. The panther’s mission will take you outside Braithwaite Manor in Lemoyne.

In order to start the mission:

  • Approach Harriet 
  • Select “Missions” 
  • Select the Iwakta Panther

The mission will be available for everyone regardless of Harriet’s mission rotation. After you play it for the first time, it will join the other legendary sighting missions in rotation. You will have plenty of opportunities to hunt the Legendary Iwakta Panther, even if you need to wait a bit between sighting missions.

Once you start the mission, you’ll be teleported to the Braithwaite Manor. Approach it and you’ll overhear a conversation between two workers about recent deaths. Something has been killing people in the top fields. From there, approach the field to begin looking for clues. Keep your ears and eyes out for normal panthers lurking in the bushes, waiting for you to turn your back to them and inspect clues. Upon finding a camp, the cutscene will trigger to introduce the cat. If you’re sedating it, make sure you have the sedative ammunition ready at the time. There’s a bug that keeps switching ammo types back to the .22 caliber which will kill the cat very slowly. 

Each mission has several variations, one will have a brief cinematic showing off the animal. This first mission will always be that cinematic mission. You are not obligated to sample it on the first mission, should you prefer to kill it instead. Cinematic sequences make getting a photo for the compendium difficult, and you have to replay it multiple times anyway, so don’t worry too much about completing everything at once on the first try.

The new panther wasn’t the only addition. A new skin for the improved bow with a cool, spooky, skeleton theme arrived in the shop. If you sample or skin the Legendary Iwakta Panther, you will get a free bandolier. All of Gus’ saddlebags are 40% off for the week.