How to find the Lunarlight Buds and open the Large Lunarlight Pod in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

This is more than just island hopping.

Image via Blizzard

Getting Anima in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is no small task, especially with the limited quantities available on a daily basis. If you’ve joined the Night Fae Covenant, the Large Lunarlight Pod is one option when setting up your Anima Conductor. Activating it, however, requires a few extra steps before you can start stockpiling your Anima.

Before you begin exploring, you’ll need to make sure you have your Anima Conductor tuned to Glitterfall Basin. Otherwise, the rest of your trip is going to be pointless. The Large Lunarlight Pod is a separate prize from the Lunarlight Pod, which can pop up in one of five possible other locations. They give other treaures, but your purpose here is to gain the Anima located inside the Large Lunarlight Pod.

Once you determine their location, the easiest way to find individual Lunarlight Buds is to set up a /tar Lunarlight Bud macro. You won’t have to worry about attacking or clicking on each bud; just walk up to and through each one, and they will activate. You’ll know you successfully activated each bud when they switch to a purple color.

When all five of the buds are active, you can head over to the Large Lunarlight Pod, which is now interactive. Right-click on it to claim your prize, which should include a small amount of Anima for your efforts.