How to find the second Meditation Spot in the Forgotten Forest in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

There is a second Meditation Spot in the Forgotten Forest. Time to get another health increase.


Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ve cleansed all of the shrines and you’ve taken out the Sprout Captain and the Mage. Now it’s time to head through the corrupted archway and see the second half of the Forgotten Forest. After walking through the archway, you will be well aware that there are more collectibles to find. One of these collectibles is a second Meditation Spot. Now you can increase your health even further. You just need to find it. Follow our guide below if you need some help finding it.

Meditation Spot location

After climbing up the cliffs in the first area, you will be walking through the forest. Make a quick stop to the left to find one of Taro’s memories and get a cutscene showing him on the mountain top. Continue following the path until you come across an open area with crystals in the trees. Shoot the crystals starting with the one that is glowing until a Forest Tear falls. Guide the Rot Spirits to bring the tear to the sprout to make it active. Check the image below to see where it is.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After activating the Forest Tear, command the Rot Spirits to form a Rot Cloud. Guide the Rot Cloud to the left and destroy the corruption there. Dismiss the Rot Cloud and follow the path. It will end on the edge of a cliff where you will be able to see the Meditation Spot. It is time to get your health increase.