How to find the Sprouting Growths in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Find all the magic mushrooms scattered throughout Maldraxxus

Image via Blizzard

While searching for treasure throughout Maldraxxus, you can find several chests disguised as mushrooms in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. They’re colored similarly to the rest of the terrain, but they stand out among the larger mushrooms where they sit.

These fungi, known as Sprouting Growths, contribute to the Treasures of Maldraxxus achievement. They are located on the top of enormous mushrooms, and you won’t be able to reach them without a rogue that has Outlaw skills. This way, you can use a grapple hook to access them. You’ll look for Grappling Growths, pictured below:

Point your cursor and grapple on to them like any other grappling point through the game. Once you reach the top of the mushroom, look for additional Grappling Growths on your way to the Sprouting Growth. You may need to hop and practice your platforming skills, but they are easy to see once you’ve grappled up to the top.

Here are the coordinates for each Grappling Growth throughout Maldraxxus, along with their respective zones. You should find a total of nine Sprouting Growths after you are finished.

  • 39.92, 44.18 (The Spearhead)
  • 40.81, 54.72 (The Spearhead)
  • 38.67, 47.08 (The Spearhead)
  • 39.15, 55.41 (The Spearhead)
  • 47.20, 30.77 (Sepulcher of Knowledge)
  • 44.99, 35.58 (Sepulcher of Knowledge)
  • 70.99, 50.74 (Glutharn’s Decay)
  • 76.01, 49.40 (Glutharn’s Decay)
  • 75.47, 45.59 (Rotting Mound)