How to find the station master’s combination lock code in Atomic Heart

It’s rude, but you must disturb the dead.


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You’ll start Atomic Heart’s story in a sunny, civilian-filled city before being plunged into the depths of an underground lab. Along your journey, you’ll need to pick various locks, but some can’t be picked. This guide explains where to find the station master’s combination lock code, so you don’t get stuck too early on.

Where to find the station master’s combination lock code

Screenshot by Gamepur

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The station master’s lock code is close to the lock. First, interact with the nearby corpse that you’re able to talk to. Use your scanner to find it if you can’t see it immediately; it should appear white on the ground. This will be one of your first chances to talk to the dead, so pay attention to how this mechanic works. Ask him about his schematic, and he’ll start to panic about how the station master had it before he died. The station master wasn’t as fast as this soldier, so he died further up in the transport tunnel.

Use Shok on the magnets above the large door nearby to open it. You now need to walk up the pedestrian section of this transport tunnel on the left. After a short while, you’ll come across another body yelling about how it’s dead. This is the station master, and the code for his lock is on a piece of paper close by. See below for an image of this paper and the code.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Now you know the code, return to the lock. Interact with it and look at the three buttons on the top left-hand side. There are three in a diagonal line. You need to press the middle button, then the one diagonally below it to the bottom right. Next, press the button to the upper right of that one. Finally, come back on yourself to form three sides of a square with the button up and to the left of the last one you pressed. Once you press the final button, you should unlock the door.

Once you’re through this door, you can continue the main quest to find Viktor. It allows you to turn on the transportation system and hop into a pod so you can go deeper into the lab. You won’t be able to return to this point once you’re in the transport, so explore and gather every resource you can to avoid missing out on upgrades and new abilities later.